Wednesday, February 1, 2012

No Alan Rickman for me...

I was so sad to lose that contest. :(

In other news, I've been a busy little library work/library student. The three jobs thing is slightly killing me but somehow I'm managing to survive/not pass out in the library whilst shelving. So I'm going to say that's a positive.

I'm applying for a new job. What's that you say? Don't I already have three jobs and I was just complaining about how busy I've become. Well, this job is at a community college library and my friend, ASL, just started working at one and has been singing the praises of it. I'm thinking it sounds like a pretty sweet gig and I hope that I get the job and will be able to get my foot in the door in a community college library system. So, fingers crossed mmmkay?

I haven't been reading much, I thought I would over "winter break" but I was sick all Christmas and it sucked. I read in between my codeine-fueled sleep but I don't remember much it. Thank God for codeine eh?

I'll leave this little entry with a funny library story.

I was called pretentious! Now for anyone who knows me they know I CAN be pretentious if I want to be, and usually it's a humor/sarcastic pretentiousness. But this patron actually told me that she didn't know how I could have my job and be so pretentious. Did I mention that she never let me finish a sentence while trying to help her on the computer? Our interaction went something like this.

Crazy lady: Can you come help me on the computer?
TL (that's me): Sure *walks over*
CL: This computer is slow and it won't load my video and I want a different computer. They put me on a different computer last night and I want a different computer because this one isn't working and it's not working and ASDKLJADLKAJSDASLDASKL.
TL: Okay ma'am, well you can log on twice a day, so you're more than welcome to log onto a different computer but I can't guarantee that it will work any faster, our network is notoriously slow.
CL: Can you just go away? You're not helping me. Just go away! And stop calling me ma'am!
TL: Okay then *walks back to my desk*

About 30 minutes later the library computers are shutting down because we're closing. She gets up and turns to me and says

CL: I'm sorry about getting angry before, it's just frustrating when you're computers are not working.
TL: I understand that, we just can't guarantee how fast our computers are.
CL: *Interrupting me* GOD! You know, you're so pretentious! I"m not an idiot! How did you even get this job, you're so pretentious and rude!
TL: I'm sorry you feel that way, ma'am. *internal smirk*

I went to put a note on her account saying that she kind of blows up at staff members and yells and low and behold there were already a ton of notes from other libraries. She came in about  a week later and refused to come ask me for help, asking my co-worker instead. Fine by me, I would have refused to help her anyway. Because being "verbally abusive" to the staff just doesn't fly by me.


The Pretentious Teenage Librarian


Kathy said...

Who was this lady?

Kathy said...

Oh, and I'm so sorry about you and Alan!