Wednesday, February 8, 2012

LIfestyles of the Rich and...

The other night I went out with a friend and we saw Bob Saget. It was a fun night and I really enjoyed seeing Bob Saget perform his stand-up routine. Yes, I knew going into it that it would be crude and it would most definitely NOT be Danny Tanner from Full House on stage, but I didn't really care and I had a great time.

After the show my friend and I went behind the venue and waited for Bob to come out so we could get pictures. Bob was very gracious and took pictures with us (we were the only ones there) even though the jerk staff member came out and laughed at us and told us that he wouldn't be taking pictures. It was a nice interaction but it got me thinking and ultimately lead me to the conclusion that...

I don't want to meet celebrities any more.

It always seems to be such a let down. Now I know that actors are actors and the characters that they play are not who they are in real life. I don't expect to meet Danny Tanner if I meet Bob Saget, but I think that I would like to think that most celebrities are nice people. And I'm not saying Bob Saget wasn't nice, but he was just.. eh. And because he was just eh, I felt let down. My expectations weren't necessilary unmet, but I was just a bit disappointed with the encounter.

Another example is when I met Davy Jones, Peter Tork, and Micky Dolenz in 2002. I was 13 and my parents had donated money to a charity so I could meet them (BEST. PARENTS. EVER!). But it was after the show and I went back stage and I remember thinking that they were kind of skeezy, leacherous, old men. And they were to a certain extent. That's not to say they weren't nice and accomodating and everything, but as such a huge fan I found it kind of gross to see Peter drinking and sloppily hanging onto some much younger girl. It kind of ruined my experience of them.

So, I won't plan on meeting anymore celebrities. I'd much rather just enjoy the person I think they are in real life in my head than be disappointed to find out that they aren't who I imagined them to be. And yes, I know that I'm putting expectations on people that I haven't met and aren't required to live up to them but still. I'm much happier thinking that Alan Rickman is a classy guy who loves the theater and acting and tea, rather than finding out that he's a dirty old man who hates the films he's worked on and is pretentous and a jerk (a baseless example, I have no idea what kind of person he is).

And I'll leave you with the terrible picture that the staffer took of me and Bob.

I think the staffer was pissed because we lied to him and told him we didn't want pictures but we really did so he ruined my picture.

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