Thursday, February 16, 2012

Deep Thoughts by Teenage Librarian

Deep Thought #1:

It's annoying when people walk away from you in the middle of explaining something or answering their question. So much so that I refuse to follow after them telling them they are going in the wrong direction. If they had waited for me to finish what I was saying they either would a) know where they needed to go or do or b) I would get up and walk with them and show them whatever they need to know. Instead I just let them flounder.

Deep Thought #2:

I'm thinking of creating "creating" an identical twin. I work at two different public library systems in my county. One is the "county library system" and the other is a city library. I work in different jobs in these libraries. A library assistant at the county system and a library page (book-put-backer) at the city library. These libraries are maybe 30 miles apart? In fact, let me check. They are 24.6 miles apart. You would think that I wouldn't run into the same people, but I do. In fact I've been recognized and even touched (TOUCHED!) by patrons/customers who have recognized me and asked me if I work at one branch or the other.

Side note: Please don't touch the librarian/library assistant/library page. We have our own magical bubbles and will bite if you invade them.

Anyways, so one of the guys that recognized me at city library asked me if I worked at the county library and before I could even think about it I said "No". It's the nature of my job that my employment and salary and all that stuff is public record and anyone could find it, but I guess I just felt that this gentleman did not need to know that I travel up and down the coast to work at different libraries. Just on Monday I saw a patron/customer (they are patrons at the county library and customers at the city) at city library that I've only ever seen at the county library. It was odd, I think he recognized me but couldn't place me. He's here at the county library today and hasn't said anything to me, but has inspired me to create my twin.

Her name shall be Matilda.

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