Monday, December 1, 2008

Flashdrive Lady

Flashdrive Lady is a lady who comes into use our computers and use our flashdrive that we so kindly provide for the public.

The other day our flashdrive was stolen.

This made Flashdrive Lady MAD grrr.

Flashdrive Lady yelled at me.

And while I held my tounge from saying "Buy your own goddamned flashdrive you cranky ass bitch"...I did politely inform her that I did not know when we would be getting our flashdrive back as it was stolen.

I love my job?

Real life convo tonight at work...

Teenaged patron: Hey... I need 3 books about Adolph Hilter.

Nice Librarian: Okay! What type of information are you looking for? Biographical?

Teenaged patron: No. Not really. I just need books about his life...

Nice Librarian: *blank stare*

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Why I am choosing to spend a ton of money on getting my Masters in Library and Information Sciences...

Ten reasons to be a librarian:

1. You totally get to classify things
2. Where else are you going to ruin a person's day over a 25-cent fine?
3. The funky glasses make you easily mistakes for a hipster.
4. You can make up whatever you want and people will believe you just because you're a librarian.
5. You get first dibs on unclaimed items in the lost-and-found box.
6. You get to be in charge of buying furniture that is least likely to show a piss stain.
7.Playing Scrabble on the Internet can be considered "professional development"
8. The most stressful thing that happens is arguing with people over why they cannot view their favorite pornography site.
9.Get to spend two hours designing a sign that says the library will be closed for the holidays.
10. No one says anything when you fall asleep during a meeting.

Ten reasons I should save my money and not become a librarian:

1. Who wants to go to grad school for two years to learn theory you will never use?
2. Those little punk teenagers on skateboards.
3.People kind of expect you to know things.
4. If you know enough about how to find information to be a good librarian, you can definitely make more money doing something else.
5. People automatically assume that you have some weird fetish for cats.
6. People expect you to help them find things when you aer not working just because you know how.
7. Some people think you are weird because you classify things in your house--like clothes and dishes.
8. Writing library policy can be about as fun as watching paint dry.
9. Every great idea you have is likely to get shot down as soon as someone says, "Let's form a committee to decide things."
10. At some point in your career, someone will, or will try to physically assault you over something incredibly lame (like not giving him or her more time on the Internet).

courtesy of my lovely Adult Services Librarian.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Wiki this, wiki that

At my library we have a branch wiki where we can post announcements and the like. We also post issues that we've had with patrons to warn our co-workers of the situation.

In the past couple of days, we've had a man come in with a pug sleeping and snoring in a bag. When asked if he had a animal with him, he said "It is NOT an animal, it's a PUG".. that was fun.

We've also had the crazy computer lady who demands complete silence in the library when she is on the computer. She sshhhhs other patrons, and yet she has this hacking cough which just makes me want to tell her, "I'm sorry, you're coughing too loud, can you please be quiet?" Hah.

My favorite the past couple of days has been the Late Show guy. I believe I was the first person to talk to him, he wanted to find out how he could contact the Late Show with David Letterman so he could get on to sing. The Late Show only has an email address for general inquiries which this guy has been given but he has called mulitple times and spoken with my co-workers and asked the same question. Silly man. He's serious too, he really wants to get on and sing.

Fun times at the library.

Friday, May 30, 2008

The library attracts crazy people

The library attracts crazy people. Yes, it's true. The craziest of the craziest utilize the library, but it makes my job way more interesting. :) 

Take for example, I-Don't-Know-How-to-Use-A-Computer-Even-Though-I-Took-A-Class-On-It-And-I-Insist-On-Paying-My-Bills-Online-Lady... IDKHTUACETITACOIAIIOPMBOL for short. ;-)

Now, IDKHTUACETITACOIAIIOPMBOL comes into the library almost every day to use the computer. At my library all patrons can use a computer for up to an hour a day. Every time this lady comes in, she is trying to do something with her Macy's account. At least thats all I've ever dealt with with her. It's always the same, she looks back over at the reference desk and asks for help. And then you're just sucked in for the entire hour, trying to explain to her how to do something. The other day she was trying to log on to her Macy's account to pay her bills, it asks for her user id and password but she doesn't remember it. She says that she doesn't have a user id and password so she goes to the page to set up a new account. After entering information into each line, she looks back over her shoulder and asks me if that is right. How the hell should I know if your address is 123 I'mDumberThanAPileOfBricks... safkjsld;fjsd. Anyways. she finally fills out the page and clicks enter and it tells her that there is an account already attached to that email address. She doesn't understand what that means, so....I tell her. It looks like she already has an account set up. By this time I wanted to stab myself in the eye with a pencil. But, I calmly advised her to call Macy's and I walked away, it was all I could do it save myself!!!

In other news, I went to the A Day in Pompei exhibit at the San Diego Natural History Museum today with the family. It was totally cool I really liked the body casts. Check it out if you have the chance. 

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

How I spent my Memorial Day Holiday...

So this weekend was the grand Memorial Day Weekend. If I was in school it would be the last 3 day weekend before the end of classes, it was just enough of a break to get us through the end of the year. But I'm in school, instead I worked all weekend and had Monday off, even though I don't work on Mondays and I usually have them off. I did get a few more hours of vacation time out of it an thats good.

So on Monday my good friend Jessi came over and I introduced her to the joy that is "How I Met Your Mother" It was LEGEN-DARY!!! Actually it was pretty fun, minus the 2 hour breakfast at IHOP because everyone and their mom decided to go to IHOP on Memorial Day. Go figure.

After breakfast we settled into my couch and put on the boobtube. How I Met Your Mother was great as always and Jessi was hooked SCORE!!

After I made a delicious early dinner of miniburgers we finally turned off tht TV to hit the road.

The road to where you ask? Well the road to Chula Vista so we could go rock out at the Police and Elvis Costello show.

It was awesome. Elvis Costello was very down to business, he walked on stage and promptly started rocking out and didn't stop for an hour. None of that chitchat stuff, just pure rocking.

The Police were great, Sting is growing a beard and it looks silly. They are all kind of old looking which is sad.

After the show we headed home and watched more How I Met Your Mother.

All in all, a good Memorial Day.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Intro and the Truth

So I guess I should start out by saying that I am not a teenager nor am I a librarian. But I've worked in the library since I was 17 and I plan on going to Library school once I graduate with my BA and the name just sounded catchy. So sue me.

I'm a 21 year old Liberal Studies student in California. I've been working in my local public library system since I was 17. I started as a page and did that for a year and a half. Then moved to a clerk position for 2 years and now I'm a library assistant. I love my job and I can't wait to graduate with my BA and head to Library School.

This is going to be my new blog about my work and my life. Hopefully I'll update it more than the other blogs I've had.