Saturday, June 7, 2008

Wiki this, wiki that

At my library we have a branch wiki where we can post announcements and the like. We also post issues that we've had with patrons to warn our co-workers of the situation.

In the past couple of days, we've had a man come in with a pug sleeping and snoring in a bag. When asked if he had a animal with him, he said "It is NOT an animal, it's a PUG".. that was fun.

We've also had the crazy computer lady who demands complete silence in the library when she is on the computer. She sshhhhs other patrons, and yet she has this hacking cough which just makes me want to tell her, "I'm sorry, you're coughing too loud, can you please be quiet?" Hah.

My favorite the past couple of days has been the Late Show guy. I believe I was the first person to talk to him, he wanted to find out how he could contact the Late Show with David Letterman so he could get on to sing. The Late Show only has an email address for general inquiries which this guy has been given but he has called mulitple times and spoken with my co-workers and asked the same question. Silly man. He's serious too, he really wants to get on and sing.

Fun times at the library.

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