Friday, May 30, 2008

The library attracts crazy people

The library attracts crazy people. Yes, it's true. The craziest of the craziest utilize the library, but it makes my job way more interesting. :) 

Take for example, I-Don't-Know-How-to-Use-A-Computer-Even-Though-I-Took-A-Class-On-It-And-I-Insist-On-Paying-My-Bills-Online-Lady... IDKHTUACETITACOIAIIOPMBOL for short. ;-)

Now, IDKHTUACETITACOIAIIOPMBOL comes into the library almost every day to use the computer. At my library all patrons can use a computer for up to an hour a day. Every time this lady comes in, she is trying to do something with her Macy's account. At least thats all I've ever dealt with with her. It's always the same, she looks back over at the reference desk and asks for help. And then you're just sucked in for the entire hour, trying to explain to her how to do something. The other day she was trying to log on to her Macy's account to pay her bills, it asks for her user id and password but she doesn't remember it. She says that she doesn't have a user id and password so she goes to the page to set up a new account. After entering information into each line, she looks back over her shoulder and asks me if that is right. How the hell should I know if your address is 123 I'mDumberThanAPileOfBricks... safkjsld;fjsd. Anyways. she finally fills out the page and clicks enter and it tells her that there is an account already attached to that email address. She doesn't understand what that means, so....I tell her. It looks like she already has an account set up. By this time I wanted to stab myself in the eye with a pencil. But, I calmly advised her to call Macy's and I walked away, it was all I could do it save myself!!!

In other news, I went to the A Day in Pompei exhibit at the San Diego Natural History Museum today with the family. It was totally cool I really liked the body casts. Check it out if you have the chance. 

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