Tuesday, May 27, 2008

How I spent my Memorial Day Holiday...

So this weekend was the grand Memorial Day Weekend. If I was in school it would be the last 3 day weekend before the end of classes, it was just enough of a break to get us through the end of the year. But I'm in school, instead I worked all weekend and had Monday off, even though I don't work on Mondays and I usually have them off. I did get a few more hours of vacation time out of it an thats good.

So on Monday my good friend Jessi came over and I introduced her to the joy that is "How I Met Your Mother" It was LEGEN-DARY!!! Actually it was pretty fun, minus the 2 hour breakfast at IHOP because everyone and their mom decided to go to IHOP on Memorial Day. Go figure.

After breakfast we settled into my couch and put on the boobtube. How I Met Your Mother was great as always and Jessi was hooked SCORE!!

After I made a delicious early dinner of miniburgers we finally turned off tht TV to hit the road.

The road to where you ask? Well the road to Chula Vista so we could go rock out at the Police and Elvis Costello show.

It was awesome. Elvis Costello was very down to business, he walked on stage and promptly started rocking out and didn't stop for an hour. None of that chitchat stuff, just pure rocking.

The Police were great, Sting is growing a beard and it looks silly. They are all kind of old looking which is sad.

After the show we headed home and watched more How I Met Your Mother.

All in all, a good Memorial Day.

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