Friday, February 10, 2012

Is my blog ethical?

I was thinking the other day about this blog, more specifically if it's ethical or not to even have it. I've been a little bit more open with who I am by posting pictures of myself and the like and I'm pretty sure if someone searched hard enough they could find out who I am, where I work, and everything. But I'm concerned about if I should be posting patron stories.

It's not like I'm identifying patron names or their checkouts or anything like that, but am I being unethical by talking about my encounters with them? How is this any different than telling my friends about a crazy day at work? If there is no identifying material, does it matter?

Any thoughts?

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Kathy said...

sqI understand your dilemma, but I'd think with no identifying info it can't cause real. However, I've found myself posting stuff on Facebook and then wondering if staff outside our library sees it, then deciding not to post (I do go ahead once in a while). It's touchy.