Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Why I don't like people....

because they come into the library, ask to get BACK on the computer after already using there 2 1/2 hours, and then systematically take off their shoes... and then their socks... and then rock back in the chairs. Ggrrrrr

because they want me to find out why Consumer Reports doesn't review Thermador Refrigerators...and continue to talk to me about why why why they don't even though I've told them that I don't know

because they tell me how much they hate California, and how much better Missouri is and how it's just horrible here... thanks. I'm California born and raised, jerkface.

because they don't know that they are being creepy when they call me "girl".

because maybe they do know they are being creepy when they call me "girl".

because they call me "honey" on the phone and think that I don't know what I'm doing when I tell them that I need them to hold so I can look up the transfer extension to the Friends of the Library, and then they tell me "It's 6, HONEY", and then get huffy when I tell them that it is a different transfer extension when we do it in house, bitch (didn't say it...but thought it).

because the friends of the library member who picked up the phone, wanted me to just send the patron over there and acted like I was inconveniencing them by directing a phone call their way. If they don't want to deal with patron questions regarding donations, then why are you in the friends of the library?

because they smell.

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Frau Zach said...

Nice new background teen librarian! I sometimes strongly dislike people too- but mostly just their behavior. Older males using condescending terms of endearment really irks me for whatever reason. A little more self awareness and responsibility- a little less narcissism, and this would be a better place (inside the library and out!)