Thursday, September 17, 2009


I don't understand how someone can use the computer to look up the library's information to call us.. and then have us look in a dictionary on how to spell a word and the definition. There are a multitude of online dictionaries that tell you the exact same information.

Why is is necessary to place your items to be stapled into the staple, raise your arm all the way up and then bring it down to slam the top part down. And its not children who are doing this...but grown men and women. And they wonder why it didn't staple properly.

There are rules about food and drink in the library for a reason.

Maybe the reason you don't know what you are doing, is because you walked away from me AS I was telling you what to do. It's shocking at how many people will walk away from me, as I'm telling them where they need to go or how they need to do something. They will literally walk away from me mid word.

A bad attitude when dealing with me, will result in a bad attutide when I deal with you.

Reading the instructions will get you everywhere.

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