Monday, August 17, 2009

Special Craft Nazi

Today is one of those days. Everyone seems to be bugging me and I'm trying really hard not to let it show in front of the patrons... let me give you a sample of some of the annoying patrons I've dealt with the last few days.

The lady who is on the computer who keeps asking for more time. This happens all the time. My library system allows people to have one log on to our computers for up to 60 minutes and we give people 5 pages of printing free. How nice of us! Now, if its not busy and people are busy working on job related stuff or school related stuff I have no problem with extending their time or letting them back on. But its when people start asking over and over and over and over and over and over again. She knows that we'll let people back on if it's not busy and she takes advantage of it. I don't like it when people take advantage of it...The other day, this gentlemen had been on our computer from when we opened at 10 until 2 hours after I got here which would be 2. That's four hours in front of the computer, playing on facebook. Now I know the library should be accessible for everyone but grrrr that just bugs me!

The little girl who every night that I'm here comes and asks me "If we have something special for her to do" basically something to entertain her. Her mom comes in and goes on the computer and she comes over and asks for something "SPECIAL". Tonight I just wanted to scream and be like NO! You are not SPECIAL! Nothing SPECIAL for you!!! (ala Soup Nazi... perhaps I am Special Craft Nazi?) instead I calmly told her that we have coloring sheets and whatever is left in the after school club bins over in the children's department.

Some people might think that I'm being mean by not giving her anything, but you know what? Why doesn't she go pick up a book and read? It's a library not an arts and crafts center..

I'm just a grumpy gus I guess.

I also forgot to mention, not someone who makes me grumpy, but someone who kind of creeps me out. This story is courtesy of my good ole' ASL. Apparently one of our regular homeless people, Cloudy, has now regained his attraction for women, and proceeded to tell ASL about it. How he thinks that breasts are nice or whatever... she proceeded to direct him towards the beach, because that's where one can go to admire all those big beautiful breasts I guess.. :)


Special Craft Nazi!

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