Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A few musings if you will...

If you are printing something immensely important and you won't be able to print another copy of it, don't send it to the printer, finish your hour online, go in the back of the library and read for an hour and a half, and then freak out because it's not showing up in your print queue. Yes the computer is suppose to keep all the jobs until closing...does it? Probably most of the time.. but lady, don't bitch at me because you didn't think to print it out and make sure you had it before you closed whatever you were on.

If you are 9 months pregnant and love to come into the library with your scary looking boyfriend/baby daddy who I'm pretty sure first starting coming in here with the drug rehab group, please wear clothes (tube tops and low rider sweats don't count!!) and try not to suck face in front of the nice library assistant, kthnx!

Porn is not something that should be looked at in a public place, but it happens in the library all the time. It's gross. Stinky disabled man looking at porn? even grosser. :(

And the overbearing mom whose children can't be bothered to come into the library and pick out their own books/prizes for the Summer reading program? I loved hearing about how the book that the Children's Librarian (CL) recommended was about the SLUT and how the SLUT got in trouble and how her daughter didn't want to read about the SLUT but her son did want to read about the SLUT... this lady ticks me off. If she wants her kids to read, have them come in and pick out their own books. Grrrrr. And if you think the content of the books is too vulgar, do some research and find some that aren't and ask for those. Don't get me wrong, I think that librarians should be able to recommend books but if she doesn't like whats being recommended, do some research and find some that are acceptable.

And on a bright note! My favorite patron came in today! Liam is 5 and wants to be a Master Librarian! He told me all about the books he read and had me test him on his adding and subtracting. I love Liam!

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