Monday, August 17, 2009

Are you sure that's right?

I love the stupid questions I get from people. Take tonight for example.

Our computer system will not let someone make a second reservation for a computer a day. It is because we only let our patrons log one ONCE a day for UP to 60 minutes. I just had a gentleman come in and wanted to know why he was not able to go online. I explained to him that he had been here earlier today and the system only allows him one log on.. which got the response "Well, there are 10 EMPTY computers!", and I of course said, "Yes, there are. But the system only allows you one log on a day, so if you would let me see your library card I can put you back on but I have to override the system."

So I do so.

I tell him that he will be able to log on with his card number but he has to use a pin that I just made for him (1234) for just this log on. He is completely confused by this, and is adamant that he will not be able to print from his account. Even though it's his account number that he is using to log on, just the pin number is different for this time... so then I get the infamous question.

"Are you sure?!?!?"

Yes. I'm sure. I do this every day. MULTIPLE times a day. I am very sure that you will be able to print, because you did indeed sign on with your account number. Remember when you typed it in? That number that is on YOUR library card? Remember? It's yours! and all your printing is tied to that number! So when you type it into the computer, and the computer sends something to print, it's going to come from your account! Shocking. I know!

Le Sigh.

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