Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Creepy/crazy guy: Are you going to be working here long?

Teenage Librarian: Tonight?

C/CG: No, for a long time.. you're not going to quit?

TL: Uh.. no.

C/CG: Could you come here and look at my computer?

TL: Sure. *gets up, goes around desk and looks at his computer*

C/CG: Why is it requiring me to enter a cell phone number?

C/CG has clicked on one of those ads that says that if they click there, and enter their number, they will get a free $500 gift card to whatever. You all know those ads, right? The super scammy looking ones? Yea. That's what he clicked. 

TL: It's part of their requirements. In order to receive whatever they are giving out, they are requiring you to enter your cell phone number.

I don't think most people understand how much of my job I spend reading directions to people. Seriously, they ask me why their e-mail isn't coming up. When it says on the page PASSWORD ENTERED INCORRECTLY!!! and then I tell them that it seems like their password was entered incorrectly. And then they ask what should they do if they forgot their password and I tell them to click on the link that says "Forgot your password?" and then they do and I have to read each and every prompt to them. Because apparently if you walk into a library you can't read. /digression

C/CG: Well,  I'm currently in between cell phone numbers. Could I enter yours?

TL: No

C/CG: Why not?

TL: Because it's my cell phone number and it would be inappropriate.

C/CG: But it's $500!

TL: No. Sorry *walks away*

Seriously? What would inspire people to think that this would be okay? I would NEVER ask some stranger that. EVER! Ugh. People.

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Frau Zach said...

Maybe that was his playa way of trying to score your digits :