Monday, August 1, 2011

I had a dream when I was in high school, that I attended the Punk Rock Academy

Did I mention that my best friend is moving back to town? No? Well, she is! I'm very excited Carolyn and I have been friends for a very long time. She moved up to Berkeley a few years ago to attend school (at UC Berkeley, she's a smart one!) and now she's moving back to town and since I moved back to Orange County, we're going to be living only 15 minutes apart. YAY! 
Me in the Ramones shirt and Carolyn showing off our Mole Cupcakes
Carolyn and I go way back, officially meeting in my freshman(her sophomore) year. We were quite the duo, if I may say so myself. 

We were both involved in theater.
This is us stage managing. Obviously.

We both loved Disneyland!
This is us on Splash Mountain, granted not in high school. This was a few years ago. 

We just had a lot in common. Our parents, our musical tastes, we just meshed well together. Carolyn was/is more outgoing and has a ton of friends. I don't and am more shy in situations until I feel everyone out. It was the perfect fit.  We used to hit up Disneyland every weekend and just walk around, ride the rides, people watch and it was fabulous. Our parents were even totally cool about it and mine would drive us and hers would pick us up. When I finally got my license, I would drive us around town and we'd do stupid stuff like play music loud, hang out at parks and at Hammer's(a friend) house.

I remember one time we were in line at the Carl's Jr, and then decided that we didn't want Carl's Jr but instead In-n-Out. I backed out of the curved drive thru lane. It sucked, but it's a silly memory I have. I also remember going to her Nana's house for teas, or her aunt's house for a Christmas tea and getting to try on this really awesome vintage hats. I remember stupid stuff like, we ditched our last class of the day to go to Planned Parenthood, or we drove up to LA to meet her friend Sam. I remember spending Halloween at her house watching Rosemary's Baby, or being bummed out because her boyfriend couldn't pick us up and drive us around (I was the ULTIMATE 3rd wheel in high school). We had sleepovers at my house with our boyfriends, or at my boyfriends house with her and her boyfriend. We went to homecoming together, and I went to her Disneyland grad night with her. It was just fun fun fun.

Carolyn graduated and went on to OCC and got really involved in theater there. She introduced me to my exboyfriend and then the dark time happened. Exboyfriend was recently back from Iraq and had "issues", and naively I thought that I wanted to be with him more than my best friend and so when he had issues with Carolyn, I had issues with Carolyn and we stopped talking for about a year.

I don't remember what brought us back together, I remember seeing her at the Ryan Dallas Cook memorial but I don't remember the specific event where we hung out again. Maybe she does.

It doesn't really matter in a lot of ways, we got back together, we're friends now and it's all good. But I still feel guilty about leaving my best friend for a guy. It was stupid. It is stupid, but it's the past.

But basically this post is about how much I miss my best friend and how glad I am she's coming home. Sometimes it's hard to not have your best friend around. We have so much history and know each other so well that when we DO get to hang out, it's like we never missed each other, but I am really happy she'll be closer.  It's nice to have someone to talk to who knows your whole history. :)

I will leave you with this. Carolyn introduced me to the movie Rock and Roll High School. I'll never forget it!

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