Wednesday, September 29, 2010


A lady came in the other day and wanted me to print out her house association CCRs. Great. I'm more than happy to. Until I saw that it was 87 pages. Then she wanted me to look through the document and find the specific pages that were to do with her issues. Not going to happen.

I'm not an attorney, I'm not familiar with legal issues (which is what she is dealing with) and I certainly did not feel comfortable picking and choosing what information she would "need". In the end I printed out the entire document and charged her for it. I remember her being the same lady that came in and wanted to print out an entire cell phone manual because she lost it. I believe that was somewhere around 200 pages... eek.

Another gentlemen came in today and wanted me to print out a bunch of articles on Jews. Great. But it was going to cost money. I told him that we could get him on the computer and stuff but he was another one that was just not "into" computers.

I understand that there is a gap between those who use computers and those who don't. And I would love to teach people, especially the older generation how to use the computers to their advantage, but on the other hand... I feel like they are never going to get it.

There are some people that it is just easier to do the work myself and give them the print out. I don't have the time to sit next to them, read the screen to them, and teach them how to use the mouse. It's frustrating when people don't know how to use the techonology, but I have to remember that I am lucky. I basically grew up with it and I use it every day. They didn't, but it's still a hard thing for me to deal with.


Lucille said...
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shawna said...

So my mom-in-law Lorraine just got a computer...She is so excited and for the first two weeks she called me everyday for help. She is getting the hang of it and LOVES facebook. I'm so proud of her!