Sunday, February 22, 2009


I feel so bad for children who have parents or caregivers who take them into the library, let them pick out a whole stack of books and THEN ask about getting a library card.

You see, to get a library card in my library, you have to fill out an application, show photo ID and proof of your current address. If your current address is not on your ID you can show your check book, a piece of mail, car registration. Basically anything to prove that you can receive mail at that address. AND the first day that you receive your card you are limited to checking out 3 items. After those items are returned you can check out up to 50.

Today I had the cutest little boy and girl come in with their live in nanny. They picked out a whole pile of books and as they were gearing up to leave the nanny came and asked me about getting a library card. I explained to her how to go about applying for one, but she did not have proof of her address. She then wanted me to look up the child's card so I could check out on their card (No can do. Must have a card and cardholder present to check out) The children started to cry at this point because they wanted their books, and of course the nanny gave me a very evil look and said that I wasn't allowing them to check out anything today. 

I just don't get it! Why wouldn't you find out the procedures and rules BEFORE you get your kids all hyped up and then have to disappoint them. And then you blame it on me! It's not my fault you aren't prepared!

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Judy and Mike said...

Hey Courtney, where are you living? Did you finish school. I text your brother a while back to get your no. but he never answered. Do you go to church? Let me know what you are up to. Good to hear from you.