Thursday, February 26, 2009

Gameboys, Trolls, and Sarcasm Oh My

So, my birthday is tomorrow and apparently as a present to me, my library's computer and phone system decided to go down leaving me with nothing to do for most of the day.

There were no phone calls and we couldn't even go on the internet. It was actually really nice.

I went to dinner with my adult services librarian and as soon as I got back I was approached by a woman who was in tears because she left her daughter's gameboy at a pharmacy. She didn't have any money and did not have a phone. She wanted me to call the pharmacy or at least let her use the phone. I said no and she basically broke down in tears.

I kind of have no sympathy for her. She left it there, she should figure it out herself. But the ASL called the pharmacy for her and they are checking. I guess that is supposed to be part of the services we provide? Rawr.

Now there is the troll lady here (one of our local homeless people). She is telling us about how some of the other homeless people died. The gameboy lady is scoffing at her.

I find it all amusing. Am I mean? or just jaded? lol.

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Anonymous said...

Of course I remember you! Im so glad you said hi :) I was going to say Happy Birthday to you after reading your last post, but it's a little old :)