Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dear Blog

It's been... well a long time since my last confession. I've been a busy little library worker. But I know, no excuses right?

Well here my excuses anyways. In September I started a job as a Library Media Tech in a high school library. I work 5 days a week there in the mornings (and ugh it's early but I'm...handling it). Other than the early hours. I. LOVE. IT! It's not very library-ish. I mostly am the media specialist's assistant and I make a lot of copies but I'm learning a lot of technical things and how a high school library runs. I handle a lot of textbooks and the laptops and if technical things go down I learn how to fix them. But I really love the environment and my boss is wicked cool. :) He's very interested in e-books and implementing new technology in the media center which I am ALL FOR!

I also picked up another job as a page for another local public library system. Yes, that's right. Three jobs. It totals out to about 60 hours a week working. I'm busy. But I'm loving it. Well, the page job is okay. I started out my library career as a page and while I don't mind the physical work, and I enjoy being in the stacks all day. It's killing my knee. I have a bad knee from lots of crazy sports playing in my youth and I'm pretty stiff all the time now. :( But I do see it as an opportunity to get my foot in the door in another library system so that's great.

I'm still in school. I'll be finishing my core classes this semester. FINALLY! The core classes are just what they sound like, classes that are designed to give you a foundation in library history and work. But since I have a lot of library experience I find them a bit redundant so I'm happy to be done with them. The class I'm currently in is a library management class and the main project is to create a strategic plan. It was a BIG. PROJECT. But I enjoyed doing it because it wasn't something that I had ever done before and I enjoy learning. Because I'm a nerd. Yup.

I'm hoping to post more regularly on here. But with my busy schedule I might not. I did manage to finish 2 books this week. Heat Rises by Richard Castle and The Silent Girl by Tess Gerritsen.

Heat Rises was a fluff piece that I really enjoyed. I like Castle the TV show and I think it's a great marketing tool to actually release books the books that Castle writes in the show. They are pretty well written.

The Silent Girl is the latest in the Rizzoli and Isles series, which I started after watching the TV show. I like the characters on the show but I like them more in the books, but the show is only in it's 2nd season so hopefully they will grow a bit more. I really liked this last book because I really enjoyed the Chinese imagery, legends, and I DID NOT see who the murderer was from the beginning (always a plus when I can make it through almost the entire book without guessing the ending.)

What have you been reading lately?

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