Monday, November 29, 2010

Have I mentioned that I work 2 jobs and am also in school?

So sorry about the blogging break. It's been really hectic around here. I've had papers and book fairs and crazy patrons OH MY!

No, seriously though, it's been busy. I got really sick in the beginning of November which lead to me calling out of the school library job for two days which meant I only had two days to really prepare for my book fair. And then book fair happened and it was crazy and awesome and stressful all at the same time. We made almost $2000 which was great and I was really happy with it. Then it was Thanksgiving holiday and I was off of school for a week but still had the public library job to go to and now it's November 29 and I need to put my Christmas decorations up and finish my final paper for my first grad class. It's on the digital divide and needs to be 15-20 pages and I haven't done a lick of research. Did I mention it's due on Sunday? Hmmm perhaps I should get on that.

In crazy library patron news, we've had two local libraries close for some renovations. One is closed for a year and the other is closed for a month (opening December 1 woot woot). The fact that these two libraries are closed has lead to an exponential increase in our patron craziness.

Case in point:

Chatty But Silent Patron (CBSP). CBSP likes to have very elaborate but silent conversations complete with hand gestures. She sat in front of my at my desk the other day for a good twenty minutes talking and talking (silently) and point and pointing and waving and waving. It was very awkward. I even had a fun post on facebook that went like this.

Me: Sitting at the reference desk. There is a lady sitting right in front of me having a very animated but silent conversation with herself. This sums up my day.

Blah blah blah talk with other librarian about her patrons who have been arrested for assault and blah blah blah

She's waving her hand and pointing at me wildly. 42 minutes and then I can LEAVE!

Well at least she knows to be silent in the library.


I also had the Virus Lady (VL).

VL came to the library about 20 minutes before closing and wanted to get on the computer. Now as we all know from previous posts, our computers shut down at 15 minutes til. So I was explaining to her how if she logged on she wouldn't be able to stay on for very long and that we would be open tomorrow. Our conversation then took a crazy tone.

Me: You do need a library card to log on to the computers.

VL: Well I have a library card, but do you have a guest pass?

Me: No. We don't have a guest pass anymore we just have an Internet Only card...

VL: I want one of those!

Me: Well, those are for visitors to the library who are not state residents. You have a library card so in order to get on the computer you need to use your card to log on.

VL: I can't find my card but I want to go on the internet.

Me: We can replace your card for $2.

VL: But I don't want it under my name. When I log on it tells me that I'm on an unsecure site. They always make it so I can't go on my e-mail and they track me. They set it up so I get viruses.

NOW. Here is where I should have shut up. I don't know why I said the next part.

Me: Who's they?


Me: Um.. I don't know...

VL: I want to log onto a computer not using a card attached to my name, can you log me onto a computer?

Me: I'm sorry. It's our policy that you use your own card to access the computer.

She walked away after that and the other 3 people on desk just turned and stared at me. It was pretty crazy.

And as a side note. Someone told me the other day I was neurotic. Now I know what neurotic means but I thought perhaps they were using it in a different context. Not wanting to misunderstand them I went home and looked up the definition. I do not think I am neurotic. Thoughts?

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