Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Day of Weirdness

I love my job, I do. But sometimes the crazy and weird all converge on one day and it gets a little hectic!

I had a gentlemen come in who wanted to find an article about this man who was a veteran and drew comics about WWII. I honestly had no idea who he was talking about and he didn't have a name or anything, but I figured that I would be able to find out who he was looking for (Bill Maulden). Once I found the article that he was looking for, he began to tell me about Jesus. About how Jesus had told him to go visit Mr. Maulden in the hospital. And then he began to ask me about my beliefs and handing me tracts. "Do you know where you will spend eternity?" Now. I am all about people having the right to believe in whatever they want...but that's not an appropriate question for your lovely, local Library Assistant.

We also had one of our regular paranoid guys who is completely convinced that we are spying on him through the computer. That's why his e-mail never works and his print jobs never come out. Ugh.

Homeless lady who had a VERY animated yet quiet conversation with herself.

The man who called asking if we subscribed to a particular journal, which we did. But did not have access to the particular volume and edition that he wanted. When I asked if there was specific article or something that he was looking for, he said no and that he wanted the whole thing because he didn't know how long a journal was.. and why didn't we keep back issues of EVERY JOURNAL PUBLISHED!??!

The regular who was now harassing our patrons into signing petitions or registering to vote. When he was informed that he wouldn't be able to do that in the library, he contacted a lawyer who told him he could and he wanted to bring that to our attention that our policy was incorrect..

I think it all has to do with the full moon...


Laura said...

This happened all in one day!? At the very least, public librarians can say their job is not boring. I used to get tired of these characters myself, but after working a dull office job for a few years now, I'm really craving the random-ness of working with the public.

shawna said...

It's good that like me, YOU are a professional! We roll with whatever comes our way. ( And sometimes smirk about it afterward!) {Quite often!}

Jim said...

Wow! You have a great job. Although some of these things sound a bit on the weird side, I’m sure you’ll look back on them in the future and shake your head while laughing. I come from an accounting background and I have definitely had my share of mind numbing number crunching. I hope I land a job with as many unexpected weird occurrences when I become a librarian.